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Creating a Family History Blog

To Create a Family History Blog

To create a blog you must first have an e-mail account and Address is a google project, You will also need to have a Google account. Once you have a google account you may sign into google and then follow the three easy steps below

Go to

Create your blog following their directions

Three easy steps.

First, Create an account

Second, Name your blog

Third, Choose a template

You should now have a blog and may begin blogging.

If you already have some histories of some of your ancestors that you would like to share with others, copy and paste is great way to enter the history into your Blog. Pictures can be entered either in the main body of the blog, at the side, or full width at the bottom.

What might I put in a Family History Blog?
You can put anything in a blog that is appropriate to share with the whole world. It probably is not a good thing to put information about living people, or even to put vital information about parents of living people.

How many Blogs shall I create?
You can create one blog and do mutiple postings or you can do a number of blogs and link them together

What kind of Creature is a Family History Blog?
Family History blogs can be aa varied as families are.
A blog may give the history of just one person; some examples:,
the blog Marion N Davidson is a history of Marion, which history was written by his eldest daughter;

or perhaps a blog might present just one aspect of a person's life. Examples:

The blog, Marion N Davidson & Steam Locomotives, tells about many of the Steam Locomotives which Marion operated during his 27 year career as a Locomotive engineman and may appeal to people who have fond memories of the Age Of Steam. A link to this blog is in the section Other family History Blogs

The blog, Maries Quilts, is a beautiful presentation of some of the many Quilts that one dear lady made during her busy and productive lifetime.

The blog, Sage West Studios, features some of the paintings that one family member created; it seems that almost everty painting is of family members or of a scene that is full of family memories.

I is not necessary to make a separate blog in order to give information about the historical setting of a family. the blog, Hans Christian Davidson; Family and Descendants incules a section that tells some of the sigificant events that happened in Utah, the year they emmigrated and crossed the plains.
This blog also illustrates mutillple posting, in that two Histories of H C Davison are posted and the histories of two of his sons are posted; the blogg also includes a Blog Archive, which which enables the viewer to see what the blog contains and to navigate to the posting which have the most interest to the viewer.

You can make mulitple postings on a family blog

Blogs can linked so that a person who visits the blogs can go from one blog to another

Some examples of Family blogs are listed below:

Several years ago I decided to do some research and learn all I could about my progenitors that first came to America and to write a short history about each of them. The following blogs were created by copying the resulting histories in to a blog for each famly

Benson, Berck, and Hun Families,
Gysbert Cornelise Van den Bergh,
Van Wagenen Beginnings,
Evert Pels and Jannetje Symons,
Hendrick Hendricks Obee and Aeltjie Claes,
Jan Schepmoes Family,
Van Hoesen Family

I found some very good articles about some of my ancestors in genealogical periodicals.
These are shared in the following blogs.
An Adventure of Thomas Stokes, 1665
Horner Family of Yorkshire England and New Jersey
The Wright Family of Oyster Bay L.I.
John Adams family of Mass., N.Y., & N.J.

Google has digitized thousands of books whose copyrights have expired so that they are now in the public domain, these books are available at Google Books as free downloads.
the following blog came from Goolge books.
John Rudderow and Lucy Stiles

Because the Evert Pels Family and the Van Wagenen Family moved from the Albany area to the
Esopus or Kingston, New York area in about 1658, and were involved in the Indian problems in the Esopus area, I have posted a blog, entitled "The First and Second Esopus Wars. which tells about the Indian problems in the Esopus Area. One cannot understand a families History, unless one has some feeling for the conditions under which the family lived.

Use your imagination and creativity to present your family history in an interesting way.

The blog, Davidson Family Color Book, shows what one family did for a family reunion; a Color Book was printed which on one page for each Ancestor pictured one event in the ancestors life, pages were coppied and the children had a coloring constest. and of course every child was best at some aspect of coloring and received appropriate recognition.

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